Sometimes you’re blessed working with a model who is fairly experienced and nails all the right poses, leaving you to focus on nothing else but capturing the moment.


And then, there are the other times where you’re the one crafting and creating the concepts or where you have to bring out the best in someone who isn’t as experienced in possing. Arm yourself with the knowledge in this book and you will never have a hiccup bringing out the best in anyone who stands in front of your camera.

Visually illustrating the dos & don’ts here are some things you will learn reading this book:

  • How to pose both men and women
  • What do with your model’s hands
  • How to crop your photo so emphasize your subject
  • How wide angle lenses work with shapes of faces and bodies
  • Poses that emphasize the arch of the back in females, resulting in much more attractive pictures
  • Angles that draw better attention to your subject
  • How to train your eyes to quickly identify posing faults
Such an amazing find of a book, I was so terrible at possing people, during my self- improvement I found myself always running back to my notes while editing photos or while working out a photoshoot concept in my head.